small French/English dictionary

accueil: home

atelier: workshop

numérique: digital

bibliothèque: public-library

histoires pour les petits: stories for children

livres réinventés: altered books

friends: ami(e)s

teachers: professeurs

dictionary: dictionnaire

translator: traducteur

Plumpiemousie: Ronde souris (au Pays de Ronde-souris)

plumpie: ronde, mouse : souris, mice:souris (au pluriel)

mousie: diminutif affectueux de mouse

plumpiemousian: habitant de Plumpiemousie

Le petit plumpiemousian: our newspaper's name




Once upon the time I used to have many blogs in English; actually my first blog was in English ; you may find some here: 

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